“They gave me their vote. They gave me their trust. The country can’t decide. So I must.”

May 2010. Two forty-somethings have lost the general election.

The British public has not voted them into power. Not even close. Even after thirteen years. Even following a huge financial crisis. Even against Gordon Brown.

The British public has not voted them into power. So they take it.

Nicked. Politics you can dance to.


In autumn 2010, Theatre503 commissioned a Coalition season – ten playwrights writing short pieces reacting to the Coalition, in ‘coalition’ with an artist from a different genre. I was very lucky to end up with Natalia Sheppard, aka Rogue Nouveau.  She’s an incredibly talented songwriter. Also, she bakes her own bread.  I was very proud of what we made, and people seemed to like it.  ‘True satire that really makes us think.’ (

The Hightide festival picked the show up, and we opened in May 2011 with the new title Nicked.  The critics said:

‘The real revelation at Hightide, however, was Nicked… Richard Marsh’s rhyming book and lyrics are on the button.’  Michael Billington (Full Guardian Review)
I suspect that we will be hearing a lot more of Nicked after its brief run in Suffolk.’ Charles Spencer (Full Telegraph Review)
‘Political satire is not an easy thing to pull off successfully, but Nicked manages to do just that’ ***** FIVE STARS (Full WhatsonStage Review)
It manages the seemingly impossible at the moment. It humanises the Lib Dem leader and makes you think again’ Euan Ferguson (Full Observer article)
‘We have a new generation of satirists. Good luck to them’. Libby Purves (The Times)
‘There is a real appetite for this kind of political satire on stage, and Nicked could certainly have a future beyond the festival’ (The Stage).

– featuring Jason Langley as Nick, Sam Hodges as David and Ross Green as Ed.  Directed by the director of the show, Pia Furtado.


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